Kindle Fire and Kindle eReaders

Kindle Fire Tablets

Fire, Fire HD (6,8,10), Fire Kids Edition

  • Touchscreen
  • 7-8 hours battery life
  • 10-15 oz. weight
  • Adjustable text sizes
  • 6″-10″ Screen sizes
  • Speaker and Microphone
  • Android based with web and app capabilities
  • 8-32GB storage
  • Compatible with some Overdrive titles
  • Kindle Fire 2nd Gen and up compatible  with all  cloudLibrary titles

Kindle eReaders:

Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage

Kindle Voyage
Kindle Voyage
  • Long battery life (can be weeks)
  • Lightweight (6-8oz)
  • Touchscreen
  • Adjustable text sizes
  • All are WiFi enabled, some have WiFi + Free 3G
  • 6″ Screen size
  • Different models have different lighted/not lighted screen options
  • Compatible with some OverDrive titles
  • No audio capabilities
  • Not compatible with CloudLibrary

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