About Our ILEAD Project

As a part of the ILEAD USA program (What is ILEAD USA? Click here to find out!), our group has come up with a project to help librarians and patrons keep up with the ever-changing technology and products related to eBooks and eReaders. The following represents why we decided to address this issue and what we have planned to create because of it.


The quantity and variety of electronic resources continues to grow each year. These include formats such as:
• eBooks
• eJournals
• eAudio
• eGovernment
• Databases
• Streaming music and video

The variety of devices used to access this content continues to grow too. These include:
• Desktops and Laptops
• Tablets
• Cell Phones
• eReaders
• …and many more


To support electronic service delivery models addressing the critical need of libraries to support staff and patrons using eContent. Patrons and librarians require assistance with various electronic resources at certain times, however, our project is focusing on eBooks due to the clearly identified need in this area.


– iPad and iPhone
– Android devices
– Kindle
– Kindle Fire
– PC and Mac
– Nook
– Nook HD


To create a website hosting a series of resources about how to use popular eBook platforms subscribed to by many public libraries and the various devices used to access eBooks. These resources will take the form of short instructional videos, printable guide pamphlets, and links to other useful resources. Our intention is to create a useful training resource for librarians with limited experience using eBooks or certain devices. Patrons will also be able to access this website and use these resources.


3M Cloud Library
South Dakota:
• Siouxland Libraries (13 Branches)
• Anoka County (9 Branches, 2 Mobile)
• Carver County (6 Branches, 4 Express)
• Dakota County (10 Branches)
• Hennepin County (41 Branches)
• Ramsey County (8 Branches)
• Scott County (8 Branches)
• St. Paul Public Library (14 Branches)
• Washington County (16 Branches)
• Kitchigami Regional Library (9 Branches)
• Rasmussen College (8 Locations)


• 137 million checkouts
• 33% increase from 2014

• 43% Tablets
• 36% Desktop
• 21% Smartphone

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