cloudLibrary by Bibliotheca

cloudlibrary_thumbnail_image04Some libraries offer the cloudLibrary by Bibliotheca for their patrons. The cloudLibrary allows users to check out eBooks and eAudiobooks selected by their library using a valid library card in good standing.

eBooks through the cloudLibrary are available for the following devices:

    • Android Devices (Phones/Tablets)
    • Barnes & Noble Nook
      • Nook First Ed., Simple Touch, and Simple Touch with Glowlight
      • Color, Tablet, HD and HD+
    • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
    • Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD
    • Other eReaders: Sony, Kobo, Pandigital, Literati
    • PC or Mac Computer
    • Windows devices can view and listen to materials within the browser


eBooks can be checked out anywhere with your valid library card and an Internet connection. eBooks need to be downloaded over an Internet connection. After they have been downloaded, they can be read without an active Internet connection until the books are returned or their expiration date passes. eBooks will automatically delete themselves from your device once their expiration date passes.

Collections, check out periods, hold limits, and policies regarding the use of your particular library may differ. Please check with your library for information regarding their policies.

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